More Kisses

Here’s another picture from our “photo session” last Sunday. Elliott had a little accident tonight. She was running around after her bath and tripped over my foot, slamming her head into the door. She got a cut on her forehead and a rather big bump. She cried for some time but was back to her usual self after we put some ice on it.

Sorry to do a complete 180 on everyone but I wanted to let you guys know that The Onion has started its own online news network. For those of you that don’t know, The Onion is a paper/website that gives satirical views on current news/events and is hilarious. Check out American Voices. They ask “people on the street” their opinions on a particular subject. Aside from their funny answers, the pictures are always the same but the names change. Well – just check it out.

Condoleezza Rice To Voyage East

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