Is Black Friday Still Relevant?

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We’re all familiar with it’s history. ¬†Up before (and I mean way before) the butt crack of dawn to wait in line at one of the countless stores offering “doorbuster deals.” ¬†Throngs of people fighting and stampeding just to get … Continue reading

The King of All Media?

Screenshot of Serenity artwork on Plex
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An HTPC Solution In our home, DVDs suffer the cruelest of fates. Some are left abandoned only to fend on their own without a case. Some are placed in an awkward, uncomfortable position in another movie’s case. Little Mermaid, meet … Continue reading

We’ve Moved!

Well – sort of. Our new site,, is up and running and we will be retiring this blog. No updates will be made going forward but it will remain for archival and backup purposes. is currently a photoblog … Continue reading